1. Bitch Betta Have My Money ft YG & Kurupt
2. Switch Lanes ft The Game
3. Throw it up
4. Bouncin' On My Dick
5. Faded ft Lil Wayne
6. Rack city
7. Hijack ft 2 chainz
8. Make it nasty
9. Dope ft Rick Ross


Eminem - Guts Over Fear ft. Sia

"Guts over fear"
(feat. Sia)

[Bridge - Eminem]
It feels like an end, which is to
Hell am I going to do?
It's too late to start again
This is the only thing I know

[Verse 1 - Eminem]
Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is
Find different ways to the same word, old song
Since I came along
From the day the song called "Hello! My name is" falling
We began to think that my name was guilt
Because any time things went wrong
I was the one who would blame
The media made me the equivalent of a modern version of Genghis Khan
Tried to argue that it was just entertainment, dog
Gangsta? Naw, brave balls
We had to change my style, I was told that I am too soft
And it sounds like AZ and Nas, out came the claws
And the fangs been out since
But until the moment when I've gone against it
It was ingrained in me that I would not amount to shitstain thought
No wonder he had to unlearn all that my brain was taught
I have really belong in this game? I reflected
I just wanna play my part, I do waves or not?
So back and forth in my brain, the tug of war in wages
And I do not want to seem ungrateful or disrespect the art form grew up in
But sometimes you have to take a loss
And people rub it on your face before I made you angry
And keep pluggin 'is their only way out
And his only garment so you know it's going to talk about it
Better find a way to counter it and do it quickly, ah
I feel like I've said it a Kabillion eighty times
How many times I can say the same of different ways that rhyme?
What they really mean is that if there is someone else who can relate to my story
You bet you feel the same way I felt when I was in the same place that is
When I was afraid of ...

[Hook - Sia:]
I was a ...
Afraid to make a sound
Fear never going to find a way out
I'm afraid I would never be found
I do not want to go another round
The power of an angry man make him shut up
Cables trap fill this house with love tiptoed
Run out of excuses for everyone
So here I am and I will not run
Guts more fear (the time is near)
Guts on fear (I shed a tear)
For all the times you have me push
And let it keep me down
Now I have more fear guts, guts about fear

[Bridge - Eminem]
It feels like an end, which is to
Hell am I going to do?
It's too late to start again
This is the only thing I know

[Verse 2 - Eminem]
I know how it feels, I was there once, single parents
Odie appearance, did you struggle to find their place in this world?
And the pain generates all the rage
But it was not until I got pain in the songs learned to aim in
I did a spark, began spitting hard as fuck
He learned how to harness while the reins were off
And there was a lot of weird shit, but the crazy part
It was soon as I stopped saying "I gave a shit"
Enemies began to appreciate my art
And it breaks my heart to look at all the pain I've caused
But what I do when the anger is gone?
And the lights go out in that trailer park?
And the window is closing and there is no other place I can go with flow
And I'm frozen because there is more excitement to pull
Only a handful of playful songs I did for fun
So for the sunrise here I go recycling the same, old song
But I prefer to "Not Afraid 2" to make another shitty "We Made You", uh
Now do not want to seem indulgent when I discuss my highs and my lows
My death and uprise, pray to God
I just opened enough eyes later
He gave supplies and tools to use hopefully to make you strong
Enough to lift yourself when you feel how I felt
Because I can not explain to you how Dang my legs felt exhausted
Merely to balance my car Dang
When on eggshells made me walk
But thank you, ma, because that gave me the
Shady force to cause mania,
So when the stadium is empty
At least I did that house and found a place in this world where the day is done
So this is for every child in all of ever did was dreamed of one day just getting accepted
I represent him or her, like anyone, you're the reason why I made this song
And all you're afraid to say do not be afraid to say no more
From this day forward, just let them speak a-holes
Take it with a grain of salt and eat your fucking faces
The Legend of angry blonde live through you when I'm gone
And to think I was ... gone

[Hook - Sia:]
I was a ...
Afraid to make a sound
I'm afraid I'll never find a way oo-out
I'm afraid I would never be found
I do not want to go another round
The power of an angry man make him shut up
Cables trap fill this house with love tiptoed
Run out of excuses for everyone
So here I am and I will not run
Guts more fear (the time is near)
Guts on fear (I shed a tear)
For all the times you have me push
And let it keep me down
Now that I have, guts about fear, guts about fear

Uyir Neeyada ( Tum Hi Ho - Tamil Version ) - Out Now

Title : Uyir Neeyada (உயிர் நீயடா) - Tum Hi Ho Tamil Female version
Original Composer-Mithoon
Re-composed : Amal Roshan
Singer : Chinthoory Ganeshalingam
Lyrics : Mathurahan Selvarajah
Guitar- Dushyanthan Selvarajh
Veena- Saravana Sundhari Murugan
Matered&Mixed- Vinayagamoorthy Senthuran
Additional arrangements- Senthooran anna & Dushyanthan Selavaraja
Crew : Iroshan Puviraj, Ramesh Yoha, KanisKar,Luckshan,Prasath
Music Label : Cuckoo Music (
Copy Rights- T series

TeeJay's Omiya Out Now

Sung & Lyrics: TeeJay
Music: Princeten Charles
Cinematography: Kanath, Santhan & S.Kirupa
Editing & Direction: Kanath
Cast: TeeJay & Vishny
Make Up: Eelavani BeautyCare
Label: Rebelstar Records

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Dr. Dre Lost Enthusiasm For Aftermath Artists, According To Hittman

Hittman recalls Dr. Dre working with a "blank check budget," says others at Aftermath That did not have any amenity.

As a former Aftermath Entertainment artist, Brian "Hittman" Bailey offered Preferred some insight into the inner workings of the label and Dr. Dre, During an Exclusive interview with Not Mad. According To Hittman, Dre Could only be enthusiastic acerca another artist's project When I was not focused on a project of His Own.

The former Aftermath rapper Also spoke on Game and revealed why I was fortunate feels Game During His Time spent at the label.

"I'll give it to you like this. Game was fortunate for two Reasons: 50 liked what I was doing, so I have to jump ship was reliable, and Dre was not working on His Own album one at that time, "Hittman Said During His Interview with Not Mad. "Those Who Were fortunate to be around When Dre was not 100% focused on His Own Album Were the reliable ones to launch Their careers. But Those Who Were Positioned to springboard off of Dre album (like 2001) got lost in the shuffle. If he's focused (on His album), all your energy is focused on helping him see His vision. Once I have does not have any enthusiasm acerca what you're doing, it wanes. "

Also Hittman I recalled the fame That meat Along With Being an artist signed to Aftermath at the time. I have says it was like living under Dr. Dre's shield, and added That was going out With Dre Almost the equivalent of carrying a Black Card.

"That's what I think Happened to each and every artist (on Aftermath), and you kind of get used Also to Being under His shield," I Said. "You can get in to all the clubs, you know, 'I'm Rolling with Dre' is kind of like a Black Card, it's Aftermath motherfucker! So When you get on your own, you do not really know how to fend for yourself, it's like 'which way do I go?' (Dre) pretty much has a blank check budget, but you do not. You don 't have the amenities that you' ve grown accustomed to Having During His recording process and all of a sudden your comfort zone is Snatched from under you With no true explanation. You feel slighted and helpless and Unable to fend for yourself, well at Least that's how I felt. Not Having the resolve on how to Deal with Those kinds of feelings can Quickly send you into a state of obscurity. And yes, the political side of the music game stifled all my creativity and In That instance I totally lost my love for music and Replaced It With disdain and hatred for it. "

Earlier esta year, Hittman touched on His relationship With Dr. Dre In His seen on Asoka's, "The Humble Hustle." On the record, I raps:

"Spitting for Andre til I Said 'Stop, that's all I gotta hear' / Then and right there, dreamed of ballin 'and gear / All-in-all an illustrious career / Well, I thought wrong. Thought I was on. Got hella gonged. "

Maestro Ilayaraaja Mash Up - Sowmya Mahadevan & Varun Ramakrishnan

Voice- Sowmya Mahadevan
Piano: Varun Ramakrishnan
Recorded Mixed & Mastered by Selvam Natarajan
Photography- Pranesh Padmanabhan

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Kangal Rendum Pesuthey - Kausi's Beginning [Official Video]

Music: Kausikan Sivalingam

Singers: Nerujan Sehasothy & Diwakar (Airtel Super Singer’s Winner 2014)
Lyrics: Dayan Shan
DOP & Editing: Dilson

Cast: Laveen Sinnarajah, Rameena Balasunderam, CJ Germany, Ajana Sinnathamby, Aron & Tharcicha
Special Guest Appearance: A.K Rajah

Violin: Nerujan Sehasothy
Recording Engineers: S.Ramji & P.J.Selvakumar
Mixing Engineer: Kausikan Sivalingam
Mastering Engineer: Özgür "Iki" Ikinci
Production Manager: Yakulan Rajenderam
Promotion: Yalu Siva

Co-Producer: Nerujan Sehasothy
Producer: Kausikan Sivalingam